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Author Topic: 8-26-08 "Storming the...."  (Read 3386 times)
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« on: July 29, 2008, 10:27:49 PM »

3 100pt armies are to build at 15 units max.
    1st 100 pt army shall not have aircraft,
    3rd 100pt army shall not have infantry.
    no more than 4 of any named unit (arisaka, t-34/76, etc.) PER ARMY
    1st army deploys at turn 1 upto 3 hexes out
    2nd army deploys at turn 2 upto 2 hexes out
    3rd army deploys at turn 3 upto 1 hex out
    these restrictions also apply to partisan, paratrooper and unit with like abilities.
    1-3" hex map. deploy in short side.
    Force march optional.
    Intiative roll: winner chooses map-loser choose objective-based or annihilation.
    12 turn limit max. 7 turns is minimum valid game.
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